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Write inclusive job adverts every time with the Writing Coach. A new DE&I tool for employers from Madgex.

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A simple way to increase the diversity of your talent pool

Get instant feedback and suggestions on how to make your job adverts more inclusive, engaging and effective.

Attract more diverse candidates Eliminate unconscious bias and open your jobs up to applications from more diverse candidates.
Write better job adverts Improve your application rates by ditching the jargon and improving readability.
Save time and stamp out errors Like having your own proof reader! Edit, improve and refine your job adverts quickly and easily.
Ensure quality across your team Get simple, actionable reporting to transform the way you write job adverts across your entire team.

Inclusive job advertising matters. Here’s why.

The language you choose in your job adverts is important because it directly impacts the diversity of your candidate pool. We analysed over 8,500 job adverts and here’s what we found.

70% of job adverts contain masculine bias

The Writing Coach will provide simple alternatives for commonly used biased words and phrases, so you can be confident your advert is inclusive and effective.

1 in 8 job adverts are more complex than Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’

Professional job ads don’t have to be complicated. The Writing Coach will help you keep things simple but effective, by highlighting the complex language that’s damaging your application rates.

See how your job ads score for diversity and inclusion

Get detailed reporting on how your job adverts perform across four core areas.

Inclusion  Language that attracts diverse applicants
Rather than attracting candidates, your job ad could be doing the opposite: stopping people applying. The Writing Coach will instantly identify biased language and suggest inclusive alternatives.
Clarity Engaging, jargon-free ads that hold people’s attention
Improve readability and use language that’s proven to make a good impression with jobseekers. The Writing Coach will help you write for clarity, readability and engagement.
Structure A concise format that works every time
Do you know how many words should be in a job title? Or how long your ad should be to get the best results? The Writing Coach does. Get invaluable feedback on your job advert’s structure, format and length.
Correctness Professional job adverts
Spot and correct common spelling and grammar slip-ups before they end up all over the internet. Simple as that.